The Magician

As Above, So Below!


The Magician is depicted with a wand aiming to the heavens, and a finger pointing to the Earth. This is his way of saying “As Above, So Below.” He is the Magus, Mercury, the Ceremonial Magician. Above his head is the sign of infinity to show the infinite journey and possibilities. Below is flowers beneath his altar to show the creative power. In addition, he has all the tools of the Minor Arcana to his avail. The wand, sword, cup, pentacle. He is raw will and desire. Another mantra I identify with the Magician is “Mind Over Matter. Will to Power.” He is fully confident in his ability to manifest his desires. When he appears in a reading, he is a very good indicator you can gain that which you want or need. But a spark must take place to set this off. It will take the spark of the will to do so. This is your moment to tap into your creative potential and create your reality!

If this card is reversed, in all likelihood you are feeling powerless to the present circumstances. But to see the magician reversed or upright is to see the creative potential. The confidence needs to be turned around and the will needs to be set forth into action. As he is represented by card 1, think “In the beginning was the Word” in Genesis. Even a word alone, a single word, can have power. And the single word which represents the Magician is…Intent!