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This is about a week or so late, but I was in a dark place when I asked Ellen for a career read. We decided on a Celtic cross spread with a career focus. I was stressed & quite seriously depressed over my new situation. She responded quickly & gave it her full energy. Her read was thoughtful, thorough, & accurate. It gave me renewed energy to face my situation & clarity for the path. I still have days of depression & doubt, but I remember her read & it helps reassure me of my path. She's compassionate & has high integrity. I highly recommend her services.


This lady is the real deal, my friends! Truly gifted! She is extremely accurate and very detailed... she has told me things about my self and my life that she couldn't have possibly known without the gift. (many times actually!) I've also learned so much from her about my own spiritual path... I basically view her as my spiritual guru/mentor. Very thankful for her and her work!


What can I say about Ellen, she is such an amazing reader. She started me on my spiritual journey and I haven’t turned back. Her readings always help guide me and open my eyes to the direction that I need to go towards. I don’t trust anyone’s reading the way I trust hers.


What I love most about Ellen is shes real. Honesty with love. Shes genuine...she doesn't tell you what you want to hear, she tells you what you need to hear. The difference is what you want to hear may not be the truth, what you want to hear may be the easy way or the comfortable way. The truth may be harder to hear, might even stir some emotion, but the truth is what you need to hear to grow and learn. And the added bonus? Ellen goes above and beyond for people she doesn't even know. Gives her time to so many day and night.
Thanks Ellen for just being you!


I had my first reading with Ellen and she hit everything spot on with my career and relationship. She explained the cards that were drawn and if she needed clarification, she asked questions of me. She connected with me and I walked away with the insight I was looking for. I highly recommend her.

Spirited Information


About What I Do

Additional Information

My method is to connect to the higher self, which is connected to the Spirit. I use the Tarot to relay you a message which is in depth and pertinent to your situation. I discuss the happenings of your physical world, and the spiritual significance playing in the background. There is always this energy in the background which is guiding you.

Relationships are a very popular reading I do. I will be forthcoming with you the dynamics at play in the relationship. I will not tell you what you want to hear! I will tell you what you need to hear. In addition, I discuss ways to heal from heartbreak. At times, we may go deep in the past in a session, to get to underlying issues and why certain events keep repeating in your life.

I have done very well with reading the last 20 years because my goal is to get you in a better place than when I found you. No matter the circumstances, I can shed light on your experience and get you to a place of peace. Spirit comes through very strong in my readings. The messages are clear, and concise.

I do not read your personality. I read your soul. I connect with your energy and we go from there. 

Things only play out as "fate" in some cases. Most outcomes I see can be changed. This is the point in seeing ahead. If you can see the direction the ship is sailing, perhaps we can come up with a strategy in advance to steer clear of trouble, and get the ship back on track for a safe voyage.

I have found folks want the TRUTH. Not to be told what they want to hear. And that is what you will get from me. I work very hard to deliver to you all you need. And I will answer all your questions. With the help of Spirit!

You will not be disappointed with the insight I deliver to you. I will be that light you need no matter how dark the situation seems.

Spirit Happenings

Spirit Specials

Right now I am offering a $10.00 discount off a reading of your choice, if you refer a friend and they get a reading. 

Additional Services

I have recently started a Tarot Group on Facebook called Spiritually Intuitive Tarot to guide others on the Tarot. Look for it! And of course, you can find my group Spiritually Intuitive Readings on Facebook, too. Come see me!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you require any information before the reading?

A: I will ask for a theme if possible but want no more if possible. Like the theme may be "Relationship," "Career," or "Purpose." I want as little of information as possible as I want to provide a clear and concise reading. With that said, if I am asked to do a general reading to see what surfaces, I can do that too. 

Q: How do you do your readings?

A: I connect to higher self, spirit, and read your energy and situation. I can read without tarot. But I prefer it because it is something concrete which I can present to you, so you will understand the message spirit is trying to relay. To explain better, I get my "little self" out of the way and quiet the mind, so I can communicate with higher self and spirit. That's the method to my madness!

Q: What will you not read?

A: I will not predict a death. I will not do a medical reading. That is for a physician, not I. The only reading of a child I will do will be pertaining to gifts. I will read some fertility reads. For example, if you want to know if you will be pregnant within the year I can do that. But if it pertains to health I cannot. Spirits orders!

Q: Do you do medium readings?

A: I can do them but choose not to as a service. I'm an excellent intuitive reader. But as a medium, I cannot always connect. There are better mediums than I so I just do these in the group if I feel called. I lovingly call this my backburner gift. There may come a time ill change this. But I'm happy with what I offer at this point. 

Q: Can anyone be psychic or become a reader?

A: Everyone has an intuitive ability. With hard work anyone can learn to read. But my view is summed up by something the late Sylvia Browne said. Anyone can learn to play piano. However not everyone will become a concert pianist. To become the latter, one needs both talent and hard work. You can do anything you set your mind to. Especially if you got spirit!

About Me

Spiritually Intuitive Readings by Ellen Gillen


Hi I'm Ellen! I'm an empath, intuitive, psychic, clairvoyant, Clairaudient reader with 20 years of reading experience. My preference is tarot which is the readings I will do for you. My goal is to shed light on your situation so you will see it from a spiritual angle. I do not tell you what you want to hear. I tell you what you need to hear. For the past two years I've ran a reading group on Facebook called Spiritually Intuitive Readings. This ability does come natural to me. But I am not just an intuitive reader. I am a spiritual guide. 

I am eclectic with a background of Zen, Buddhism, Toltec, Taoism, and Shamanism. I am a huge fan of Bruce Lee. I adopted his saying: "Absorb what is useful. Discard what is useless. Integrate that which is your own." I work with animal totems such as white tiger, owl, fox, and the crow. I have worked with a teacher 15 years and have done numerous journeys via astral and learned soul retrieval. I have a small mentor group and only take on those I get a sign for. My aim is to teach them how to navigate the world of spirit and use the skill for personal power. The aim is always healing. I don't waste time talking about spirit guides or angels. I deal with the happenings of your physical world and provide good validation.

Spiritually Intuitive Tarot


With a vast knowledge of reading the tarot, I will be able to provide excellent guidance. Remember that outcomes are not always set in stone. You can design your destiny! In a session we will see how you can do that. 

What To Expect


I can provide you a reading via video chat, facebook messenger, or email. 18 years or older. For Entertainment purposes only 

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For questions or requests for customized readings, please send me a message. I will get back to you soon.

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