Journey of The Fool

Making the Leap into the Unknown

The Fool of tarot is you. He IS the journey. You ARE the journey! When you finally see what the fool sees which is how everything is connected, you will understand there is no such thing as separateness. "Not two. Not one. Both two and one." The fool is zero in tarot because this represents the infinite. Zero can go on forever and ever. The card of the fool will pop up in a layout and there is a call from the spirit to take a leap of faith. And the image of the fool gazing to the heavens about to make a very dangerous tumble. But he is listening to a voice which is saying...on ward! Go. Follow your bliss! Now the little dog trying to get his attention is his conscious self. That part of us which talks us out of these things. Sure it means well. But if we never venture into the unknown, then we will never find out what is behind the veil! We need to know! The fool is the thirst for knowledge and wisdom that only leads to a marvelous point on the path: we can't possibly ever know everything! We are fools when it comes to the infinite lessons to learn. We are barely scratching the surface. We are destined to be a fool!

But there is one thing you can know. And the fool knows this. If you can know the self. The soul. Answer the question "who am I?" Then you can become a master of all fools! For to know the self is the beginning of all wisdom. 

Enjoy the journey!

The Fool from the Rider Waite deck

The Fool from the Rider Waite deck