The High Priestess

Keeper of the Mysteries


 The High Priestess is the Keeper of the Mysteries. You can feel her presence anytime you use the Tarot. It is up to her to reveal to you the deeper truth and insights that you need. She does test you to a degree to see if you are ready, and worthy of this deeper wisdom. To either side of her are two pillars represented as Boaz and Jachin. These pillars represent the two pillars which were at the doorway to the Temple of Solomon. They are Boaz – Negation, and Jachin – Beginning. These are the forces of Yin and Yang. That which is Active, and Passive. The physical manifestation may be dual. But the deeper insight is all is nondual. “Not two. Not one. Both two and one.” At her feet is the crescent moon, which you may have seen depicted with the Virgin Mary. She has many names she goes by. She is the Shekinah of the mysterious Kabbalah. That which resides in the sacred temple. She is Persephone, daughter of Demeter who brings her mother joy and causes her to let the world flourish in abundance. She is the Queen of Hades when it is her time to descend into the Underworld, much to the dismay of her mother, who retreats from her duties for winter to be summoned. In her hand is the Tora, or Tora, as she holds the deeper mystery of the ages. And Tora is also Taro in reflection. So for you to be able to understand the deeper wisdom in working with the Tarot, she is the key.

When you see her in a reading this will be a call to set aside logic and the part of mind which uses reason and intellect. It is a call to listen to the inner voice of the higher self, which resides within your own “temple” as the Kingdom of God is within. Also, if reading for another, the High Priestess may jump in and ask you if the knowledge and wisdom coming through during the reading should be shared. It it the proper time? Most certain, she causes you to go deeply within for the answers you do seek. To trust wholeheartedly. In addition, this is a call to acknowledge both the light and the darkness within. Both must be understood. While living in the light is ideal, it may be wise to remember the story of the Descent of Ianna. The Goddess who had to descend to the lower world to meet her own sister. Stripped of every adornment, only to find in fact, her sister was a reflection of herself. Can you stand the task of your own discent? You will face this moment inevitably, the deeper you go upon the awakening.